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Bishan Tuition Centres

We are an established premium tuition centre offering primary and secondary tuition services at Bishan, Singapore. At our Bishan Tuition Centres, our classes are organized and conducted by experienced tutors that have guided many students in achieving academic success. Browse our 2017 class schedule and start your learning journey with us.

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Mdm Yip's - Where Learning Begins

Welcome to Mdm Yip’s! We are an established tuition centre in Bishan, Singapore. We are committed in providing value-added, no-frills tuition by qualified teachers at reasonable rates. Browse our 2017 class schedule and start your learning journey with us.

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Join our Fun-filled & Educational Holiday Programmes at Bishan

At Mdm Yip’s, Bishan Tuition Centre, we offer a range of holiday programmes to enrich your child’s knowledge and prepare for them for key examinations. Browse our 2017 class schedule and start your learning journey with us.

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Who We Are

Mdm Yip began her education journey as a specialist for creative writing for primary school in 1995. Her passion and dedication towards teaching students aspired her to set out her own Bishan tuition centres in 2003 at Bishan Blk 509 (St 11) and her second branch at Bishan Blk 283 (St 22) in 2013. As the principal tutor and founder of the Bishan Tuition Centres, known as Mdm Yip’s, she was able to engage a group of like-minded and experienced tutors to continue her aspirations to offer primary tuition at Bishan and secondary tuition at Bishan. Discover how our Bishan Tuition Centres can help your child prepare and achieve academic success.


At our Bishan tuition centres, we offer primary tuition and secondary tuition programmes which are exam-oriented and based on the school syllabus, which will have class activities that will enhance the skills and knowledge of the students. Mock tests are prepared and conducted by tutors in our Bishan Tuition Centres to help students prepare for their exams and reviews are made to correct their errors and improve their grades. In a nutshell, our Bishan Tuition Centres programmes poise our students to achieve academic excellence.







Main Centre


Bishan Station North South Line NS17
Circle Line CC15


Bus Stop at Blk 115/501:
Bus No. 52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 588
Bishan Bus Interchange:
Bus No. 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 410



Bishan North Shopping Mall:
Bus No. 13, 52, 54, 88, 162, 162M, 410W
Opposite Bishan North Shopping Mall:
Bus No. 13, 52, 54, 88, 162, 162M, 410G



Blk 509, Bishan St 11, #01-382
Singapore 570509


Blk 283, Bishan St 22, #01-189
Singapore 570283

Why should you Join Mdm Yip’s Bishan Tuition Centres?

At our Bishan Tuition Centres, we are committed in providing value-added, no-frills tuition by qualified tutors at reasonable rates.

Taught by Qualified Teachers

No-Frills & Value Added Tuition

Affordable & Effective

Exam Oriented & MOE-Syllabus-Based

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For more information about our 2017 tuition schedule, please contact Mdm Yip at 9631 0095 or Jeremy at 93898611 Contact Us


We are part of these learning ecosystems, such as Bishan Tuition Centres and SGEducators. At our Bishan Tuition Centres education hub, students and parents can find out more about renowned primary, secondary and JC tuition at Bishan. Tutors from these Bishan Tuition Centres are approachable and competent in teaching. They ensure that students who join these Bishan Tuition Centres will be inspired to achieve their learning potential, so as to attain academic excellence in their primary, secondary and JC examinations.

Let Bishan Tuition Centres educate your child to achieve academic excellence. Our best educators in Bishan Tuition Centres are committed to fulfill your child’s educational aspirations. We have the best tuition programme featured at our Bishan Tuition Centres for students for all subjects at primary, secondary and JC levels.

SGEducators is an online education guide for students and parents to discover useful information about the various primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes offered by our renowned tuition centres located in Singapore. Expand your knowledge through our educational platform – Skills Development, Content Enrichment, Exam Techniques, Thinking and Applications, for various subjects at all levels.


Students who have joined our Bishan tuition centres have achieved academic improvement are appreciative on how we have educated them to become keen and enthusiastic learners. We like to thank them for their appreciation of our dedication in educating them at these Bishan Tuition Centres. For those who are keen to learn more about our effective tuition programme conducted at these renowned Bishan Tuition Centres, please visit our class schedule page.

Ms Ong’s tuition classes at the Bishan Tuition Centres have helped me tremendously. My grades have improved by leaps and bounds after I read her notes and attend her workshops. I will definitely recommend her tuition classes to others. My marks improved from 60+ to 70+. Thank you, Bishan Tuition Centres, Mdm Yip’s!

Ng Huixin

Primary 6, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary

Ms Ann is a great teacher! I took English Paper 2 an was also selected to be in her Elite Writing Class at the Bishan Tuition Centres. Although my Bishan Tuition Centres lessons were at 9am on a Sunday, I would feel energetic and look forward to her lessons. My grades were in the range of 75-85 and improved to that of 85-90. Her sense of humour is infectious and I learnt many useful phrases which widened my vocabulary. Thank you, Ms Ann, for helping me master English and I would certainly recommend her to anyone willing to learn.

Ronan Ho

Primary 6 Elite, Keming Primary

Ms Shah is a very patient teacher who conducts interesting lessons in class at the Bishan Tuition Centres. She makes sure that everyone is clear about what is happening during the lesson. It is not an easy journey from Sec 2 to Sec 3; hence, I am contented to have maintained my grades at these Bishan Tuition Centres.

Britney Choo

Secondary 3, CHIJ Toa Payoh

Mrs Susan Tan is a caring and kind teacher. At the Bishan Tuition Centres, she always finds extra time on her own to help us catch up if we can’t follow the group. She uses various methods to help us understand better. After joining her Bishan Tuition Centres classes, I find Math easier to understand. Now, when I do practice papers in school, I will score Band 1.

Wong Zi En

Primary 4, Guangyang Primary

Teacher Yvonne is a very cheerful teacher who always starts the lesson with a smile. At these Bishan Tuition Centres, she uses unconventional methods to teach us such as easy-to-remember acronyms and words from different languages such as French. With Teacher Yvonne’s help at the Bishan Tuition Centres, I have improved from a 24 to 30.5 marks for composition writing in school.

Gage Lau

P6 Elite, Ai Tong Primary

Mr Yong is an amazing teacher of the Bishan Tuition Centres, Mdm Yip’s. During the secondary math tuition programme at the Bishan Tuition Centres, he always makes the lesson interesting and an enriching one. When I am in doubt, he patiently teaches me till I clear my doubts and has helped me improve my A. Math grade since Sec 3. To me, meeting this teacher and being able to be taught by him is a great blessing.

Denise Tng

Secondary 4, Whitley Secondary School